Yan Kanji

YanKanji (for iPhone or iTouch 2.2.1 and above) features 325 kanji in episodes 1 to 13 of “Yan and the Japanese People”, with a further 150 kanji in the example phrases. The onyomi and kunyomi readings are given in hiragana.

Let’s Learn Japanese I : Episodes 1 to 4
Let’s Learn Japanese I : Episodes 5 to 8
Let’s Learn Japanese I : Episodes 9 to 13

New in version 1.4 : a Twins category of kanji that look almost identical! Showing kanji that differ by one stroke, or by the angle or length of a stroke.

Episodes in version 1.6 of the Yan Kanji app :

1) Yan arrives in Japan
2) Moving in
3) Getting around
4) First day at work
5) A day with the Kato family
6) A trip to Nikko
7) A baseball game
8) Shopping in Akihabara
9) An evening out
10) A drive to Hakone
11) A construction site
12) A day off
13) Lost and found

Bonus categories :

A) Katakana
B) Hiragana
C) Twins
D) All

The number at the top of the screen (0391 in the screen shot) is the entry number in the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary. This book is especially useful because as well as the stroke order and readings for each kanji, it shows the Unicode value too!

Yan Kanji iPhone Kanji

The kanji quiz can be taken in English, or if this is too easy, onyomi and kunyomi hiragana! Just touch the wide button at the bottom of the screen, where it says “cat” below.

YanKanji iPhone Cat

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